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Jefferson Parish business blames bank for financial hardship

Mobile-One Auto Sound, Inc. is suing a lender it says ruined the company's credit and forced the closure of several stores.

Property owner claims insurer failed to pay fire loss

An Orleans Parish man is suing his insurance company for unpaid damage claims.

New Orleans homeowner sues over unpaid fire claims

A New Orleans homeowner is suing Southern Fidelity Insurance for failing to pay for damage caused by fire.

New Orleans woman demands return of mother's property from stepfather

Beary A New Orleans woman has filed suit against her mother's husband, demanding he turn over all of her deceased mother's belongings.

Woman blames pleasure club for head injury caused by strobe light

Woman blames pleasure club for head injury caused by strobe light

Couple sues insurance company over Katrina damage

NEW ORLEANS- An Orleans Parish couple is suing State Farm Insurance for claims allegedly left unpaid after Hurricane Katrina.

Southern Fidelity accused of failing to pay Gustav claim

Bruno New Orleans property owners are accusing an insurance company of failing to pay claims they filed after Hurricane Gustav.

Jefferson Parish homeowner sues over Chinese drywall in Orleans Parish

Irpino A Jefferson Parish homeowner is suing the Orleans Parish companies he says knowingly allowed defective and dangerous drywall to be installed throughout his house.