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Navy serviceman claims asbestos exposure caused mesothelioma

By The Louisiana Record | Dec 10, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A former U.S. Navy serviceman says he contracted mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos during his eight years of service.

Former crewmember accuses American Patriot’s owners of unsafe working conditions

By The Louisiana Record | Dec 1, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – An ex-seaman and crew member of the marine vessel American Patriot says his employer owes him for injuries he sustained at work.

Eclipse Construction Co. sues contractor for breach of contract

By The Louisiana Record | Nov 20, 2015

A Louisiana-based contractor is being sued by a construction company over claims of a number of violations.

Frankin woman allegedly suffers damage from IUD, sues manufacturer

By The Louisiana Record | Nov 11, 2015

A Franklin woman is suing a pharmaceutical company over alleged personal injury caused by one of their products.

Watts' fraud and identity theft indictment unsealed; Dog was among plaintiffs in BP oil spill litigation

By The Louisiana Record | Nov 4, 2015

GULFPORT, Miss. – David Watts smelled fraud in 41,000 oil spill claims that brother Mikal Watts filed against BP, and so did BP’s claims director and Louisiana attorney regulators, but Mikal Watts turned those claims into $2.3 billion.

35th Judicial District Court reopened after water, power issues

By The Louisiana Record | Oct 28, 2015

COLFAX – The 35th Judicial District Court reopened Tuesday morning following a shutdown on Monday caused by a lack of water and electricity.

Parking Enforcement Agent Faces Altercation with Two Cops

By The Louisiana Record | Oct 8, 2015

In Orleans Parish- A parking enforcement agent says he was beaten and arrested by two cops, and their party, after booting their vehicles.

Apartment complex sued by mother over child’s death

By The Louisiana Record | Oct 6, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – An apartment complex is being sued by a woman who claims her child died due to being electrocuted by exposed wiring.

Diver’s widow sues Harkand Gulf Services following alleged fatal underwater accident

By The Louisiana Record | Sep 14, 2015

A widow is suing her late husband’s employer and its insurance carrier, alleging that the firm’s negligence led to her spouse’s 2015 death. Crystal Koratko sued Harkand Gulf Services LLC and ABC Insurance Company individually and on behalf of her minor child “CK” in the U.S.

Home inspector and sellers sued by home buyer for alleged negligent representations

By The Louisiana Record | Jul 8, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A company that purchased a New Orleans home is suing the inspector it hired to inspect the property as well as the home's sellers for allegedly lying about the actual condition of the home and failing to reveal several major problems with it.

One Construction sued for non-payment of $220K by construction supervisor

By The Louisiana Record | Jun 16, 2015

GRETNA – A construction supervisor is suing a local construction company claiming it owes nearly $220,000 for work completed under his employment contract. Paul Cook filed suit against One Construction LLC in the 24th Judicial District Court on April 24. Cook contends he entered into a contract with One Construction on Aug. 2, 2010 to provide construction management services to the company as a supervisor of construction work for which he was to be paid 2 percent of gross cost of the jobs he w

Engineer claims civil rights violation over parking lot conflict

By The Louisiana Record | Jun 9, 2015

A maintenanc is suing a municipality and three of its officers claiming civil rights violations.

Pair brings class action against Lumber Liquidators alleging faulty flooring

By The Louisiana Record | Jun 2, 2015

Two individuals brought a class action suit against a large home improvement company alleging breach of warranty in a matter originating in 2012. Joseph Roth and Dionne Vanardo filed a lawsuit individually and on behalf of all similarly situated persons against Lumber Liquidators Inc., headquartered in Virginia and doing business in Louisiana, in the U.S.

Man alleges police beating during traffic stop

By The Louisiana Record | May 29, 2015

An Orleans Parish man is suing a local police jurisdiction and several officers claiming he was injured during a traffic stop.

Builder claims breach of agreement by contractor

By The Louisiana Record | May 29, 2015

A construction company is suing over claims it has not been paid for work done on five projects.

Passenger seeks damages from oncoming rig operator following crash

By The Louisiana Record | May 20, 2015

A St. Tammany Parish man is suing a Baton Rouge insurance business, a North Carolina trucking outfit and a Mississippi individual for alleged vehicular negligence in 2014.

Seaman sues employer over maritime collision

By The Louisiana Record | May 20, 2015

A Mississippi seaman brought a lawsuit against his employer claiming breach of duty in a 2013 matter.

Paraplegic claims wheelchair was confiscated by nursing home

By The Louisiana Record | May 20, 2015

A disabled nursing home resident filed a lawsuit against his residential rehabilitation center on alleged discriminatory actions and breach of contract in a 2014 matter.

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