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State attorney general appeals dismissal of coastal erosion lawsuit

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 10, 2019

According to City Business, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is appealing the dismissal of a federal lawsuit alleging the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway’s repeated widening is cutting away at Louisiana’s land — particularly that of Vermillion Parish — and is contributing to coastal erosion.

New Orleans attorneys suspended in separate state Supreme Court orders

By Karen Kidd | Mar 29, 2019

NEW ORLEANS — Baton Rouge attorneys Victor Roy Loraso III, who was sentenced on child pornography charges earlier this month, and Shannon Jay Thomas have been voluntarily suspended following separate and recent Louisiana Supreme Court orders.

Affordable Care Act is a 'federal outreach,' Landry says

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 3, 2019

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas recently ruled that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, is unconstitutional in a lawsuit brought by several states, including Louisiana, challenging the ACA.

Louisiana attorney general alleges governor's bid to appoint commission member is unlawful

By Marian Johns | Sep 24, 2018

SHREVEPORT — Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is alleges the state's gubernatorial changes relating to filling vacancies on the Red River Waterway Commission are unlawful and could be subject to a challenge.

AG Landry applauds ruling to ban sanctuary city

By Tomas Kassahun | Apr 6, 2018

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is applauding the U.S. Court of Appeals for Fifth Circuit, which favored a Texas law that allows a sanctuary city ban.

Redistricting takes center stage for politicians, grassroots groups

By Chandra Lye | Mar 14, 2018

A grassroots group has banded together to tackle the issue of gerrymandering in Louisiana.

Louisiana attorney general, governor plan legal actions against opioid manufacturers

By Mark Iandolo | Feb 27, 2018

BATON ROUGE, La. (Legal Newsline) — Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Feb. 20 they will coordinate efforts in pursuing opioid manufacturers for their alleged role in the opioid crisis. “

Louisiana defends Trump's recent water regulation reduction

By Angela Underwood | Feb 26, 2018

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s press secretary said the state will fight New York, the District of Columbia and other states

Heartland Institute suggests Trump needs to take note of energy conference

By Karen Kidd | Nov 1, 2017

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (Louisiana Record) – U.S. energy policy needs to be wrested from "climate alarmists" and returned to experts in the field, a Heartland Institute spokesman said during an interview regarding this month's conference in Texas "gathering the country’s best energy policy experts". "

Report says police shooting protestors held in 'unconstitutional conditions' in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison

By Melissa Busch | Aug 4, 2017

A recently released report details the prison conditions faced by those punished for protesting police over the death of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old African-American man who was held down and shot to death by Baton Rouge police officers.

Landry joins state attorneys general urging Trump administration to eliminate DACA

By Sara McCleary | Jul 28, 2017

LAFAYETTE – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry joined nine other attorneys general urging the federal government to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

Louisiana attorney general disbands controversial task force

By Olivia Olsen | Jul 21, 2017

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry recently disbanded a special task force that he had set up to fight crime in New Orleans.

Johnson & Johnson to pay $586,408 settlement to Louisiana for selling defective medicines

By John Severance | Jul 6, 2017

The crux of the settlement resolves allegations that Johnson & Johnson sold medicines that did not meet federal quality requirements.

Attorney General Jeff Landry sues Governor John Bel Edwards over $4 million

By Dee Thompson | May 21, 2017

BATON ROUGE — A recent lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry claims that Governor John Bel Edwards improperly withheld almost 4 million dollars the AG needs to run his office, the Department of Justice.

Close to 2,000 Louisiana students eligible for refunds after multi-state settlement with Corinthian Colleges

By LocalLabs News Service | May 11, 2017

BATON ROUGE, La. (Legal Newsline) – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced April 21 that close to 2,000 students in the state who attended Corinthian Colleges Inc. schools between 2010 and 2014 may be eligible for loan forgiveness.

Louisiana governor and AG bickering continues with $4 million lawsuit

By Corinne Lincoln-Pinheiro | May 8, 2017

NEW ORLEANS — A lawsuit filed against Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards over $4 million that is allegedly owned Attorney General Jeff Landry is the newest dispute between the two high-profile government officials.

Laundry turns over more than 6,000 pages in document production agreement

By Melissa Busch | Apr 27, 2017

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and the Indianapolis woman who is suing him for failing to fulfill her document request for more than six months have signed a document production agreement.

Indiana woman sues Louisiana AG for failing to fulfill open records requests

By Melissa Busch | Apr 7, 2017

An Indiana woman has been waiting more than six months for Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry to fulfill her public records requests for information, including his contracts with law firms and his correspondence with gas and oil companies.

Louisiana AG office works at clearing up complaints toward it regarding flood-related fraud

By Tricia Erickson | Apr 7, 2017

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office has spent the last month clarifying the department’s role in fraud cases for flood victims.

Louisiana AG petitions EPA to revise risk-management rule

By Mark Iandolo, Legal Newsline | Apr 2, 2017

BATON ROUGE (Legal Newsline) — Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has filed a petition urging Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt to revise the agency's Risk Management Program Rule.

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