Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals News

Appeals court upholds denial of citizenship to resident convicted of aggravated felony

By Sam Knef | Feb 19, 2017

NEW ORLEANS — The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to deny citizenship to a permanent resident who had been convicted of conspiracy to commit false or altered lottery tickets.

Detainee can pursue claims against prison worker over delayed medications

By Sam Knef | Feb 19, 2017

NEW ORLEANS — A Concordia Parish Correctional Facility detainee who had been stabbed and stomped on by fellow inmates will get to pursue legal claims against a prison worker who allegedly delayed medical care for more than 10 days after the attack.

Appeals court that contingency fee obtained in fraudulent oil-spill claim can be retained

By Sam Knef | Feb 12, 2017

NEW ORLEANS — A lawsuit-lending company that had been ordered to pay back $20,000 in restitution for fees it obtained from a fraudulent Deepwater Horizon claim can keep it.

New Orleans requests advance notice of judge's decision regarding Confederate monuments

By Cassandra Stone | Dec 18, 2016

NEW ORLEANS — Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration wrote a letter to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals asking for 24 hours advance notice before it releases a decision in the Confederate monument removal case.

Former Tulane professor continues 20-year fight against judge

By John Breslin | Oct 11, 2016

NEW ORLEANS -- More than 20 years after Carol Bernofsky first filed suit for wrongful dismissal from his job as a biochemistry professor, he is still fighting what he believes is a grave injustice.

Federal agencies allow removal of New Orleans monument commemorating white supremacist revolt

By Tara Mapes | Sep 2, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – Federal agencies will not block the removal of a New Orleans monument that pays tribute to the white supremacist revolt in the Battle of Liberty Place.

Study refutes Louisiana voucher program lawsuit claim

By Carrie Salls | Jul 3, 2016

BATON ROUGE – A study conducted by researchers at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Education Reform revealed that them Louisiana Voucher Program has reduced racial desegregation in public schools, contradicting a federal lawsuit filed in 2013 that claimed otherwise.

Fifth Circuit Court upholds sanctions barring attorneys from representing Deepwater Horizon claimants

By April Bamburg | Jul 2, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld sanctions against two attorneys in June, who were disciplined in 2015 for allegedly paying for referrals for claims related to the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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