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New Orleans environmental attorney placed on probation following 2014 cyberstalking charge

By Karen Kidd | May 18, 2018

NEW ORLEANS (Louisiana Record) — New Orleans-based environmental attorney Stuart H. Smith, practicing in Louisiana for almost 32 years, has received a voluntary deferred suspension following a May 11 Louisiana Supreme Court attorney disciplinary proceeding after he was convicted of cyberstalking.

LOGA president calls on Vermilion residents to stand up to oil and gas suit

By Jenna Spinelle | Aug 7, 2016

VERMILION — The battle between energy and environment is at the heart of a lawsuit filed recently against 49 oil and gas companies operating along the Louisiana coast.

Decision expected soon in Supreme Court justice's suit over recusal

By Nancy Crist | Jul 3, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A federal court is expected to rule soon on the lawsuit filed by Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jeff Hughes requesting a reversal of his forced recusal by fellow justices, citing violation of his constitutional rights. 

Exxon Mobile alleged to have violated the Clean Air Act

By The Louisiana Record | Mar 8, 2016

BATON ROUGE – Exxon Mobil is facing an enforcement suit from a nonprofit community corporation over alleged environmental violations at one of its chemical plants.

Petroleum giant Exxon seeks indemnity in multimillion property damage case involving oil leases

By Robert Hadley | Dec 22, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – Exxon Mobil says a Louisiana firm, U.S. Oil & Gas, assumed liability for a multimillion dollar property damage lawsuit it is facing when it purchased two oil and gas leases in 1988.

Louisiana man sues multiple businesses, says asbestos caused illness

By Nick Bartholomew | Oct 27, 2015

A Louisiana man is suing several companies, alleging he contracted a malignant condition from asbestos-containing products associated with the job sites where he worked.

Breaux Bridge sues oil companies over alleged groundwater contamination due to gasoline additive

By Louisiana Record reports | Jul 7, 2015

ALEXANDRIA – The City of Breaux Bridge is suing some of the largest oil companies in the world claiming a gasoline additive has tainted the city’s water supply.

Former pipe yard worker sues 47 companies over cancer, allegedly exposing him to radioactive materials

By Louisiana Record reports | Jun 25, 2015

GRETNA – A man who contracted two forms of cancer years after working in drilling pipe cleaning yards where he alleges he was exposed to radioactive materials is suing. Jimmy Emerson filed suit against Exxon Mobil Corporation, Humble Oil Refining Company, Humble Oil Refining Corporation, Exxon Company USA, ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, Mobil Oil Company, Shell Oil Company, Swepi LP, Shell Offshore Inc., BP Products North America Inc., Amoco Oil Company, American Oil Company, Chevron USA Inc., Gul

Oil companies accused of exposing man to radioactive materials three decades ago, causing “fear of cancer”

By Louisiana Record reports | Apr 2, 2015

GRETNA – A former pipe cleaner is suing a number of oil companies for allegedly exposing him to radioactive materials.

Brothers gas station sued by man who claims ruptured hose sprayed gasoline into his eye

By Louisiana Record reports | Mar 18, 2015

GRETNA – A gas station is being sued by a man who claims he was injured when a gasoline hose ruptured and sprayed gas into his eye.Edward Sherman filed suit against Brothers Belle Chasse LLC and Exxon Mobil Corporation in the 24th Judicial District Court on Jan. 23.Sherman claims that in August 2014 he was a pumping gas into his vehicle at the Brothers gas station located at 1944 Belle Chasse Highway

Children of woman who died from lung cancer sue over her alleged exposure to radioactive materials at work

By Louisiana Record reports | Feb 20, 2015

GRETNA – The children of a woman who allegedly died due to lung cancer they claim was caused by her exposure to radioactive oil drilling byproducts are suing.

Widow sues numerous oil companies over husband's death allegedly caused by radioactive materials

By Louisiana Record reports | Jan 26, 2015

GRETNA – A widow is suing a number of oil companies for allegedly exposing her husband to radiation that later resulted in his contraction of cancer and subsequent death.

Exxon and pipe cleaning vendor sued over alleged cancer deaths of parents from exposure to radioactive materials

By Louisiana Record reports | Dec 5, 2014

GRETNA – A Gretna man is suing a multinational oil company and one of its vendors that he alleges exposed him and his parents, who died from cancer, to radioactive materials created by the process of drilling for oil.

Deckhand at various Louisiana drill sites files suit after contracting mesothelioma

By Andrew Stevens | Aug 29, 2014

NEW ORLEANS – A man working as a deckhand at various drill sites in Louisiana has filed suit after contracting mesothelioma and lung cancer, which he claims directly relates to his time working with asbestos-containing products.

Man sues numerous corporations after contracting mesothelioma

By Andrew Stevens | Jul 8, 2014

NEW ORLEANS – A man who suffers from mesothelioma has filed suit against numerous corporations for their alleged concealment of the health hazards inherent in asbestos products, which he claims led to his contraction of the terminal illness.

Mass action lawsuit filed over alleged radioactive contamination in Harvey

By Lizzy Fitzsousa | Jun 12, 2014

NEW ORLEANS – A mass action lawsuit involving alleged contamination of a Harvey neighborhood has been filed on behalf of hundreds of property owners.

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