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Louisiana House of Representatives passes controversial free speech bill

The Louisiana House recently passed a free speech bill over concerns that controversial guests wouldn’t be allowed to speak at the state's public university campuses.

House bill aims to allow marriages for people without birth certificates

BATON ROUGE — A new bill in the House would pave the way for Louisiana citizens to obtain a marriage license without a birth certificate, a move applauded by a Vietnamese-American man recently denied the right to marry.

Judge suing judge case is not run-of-the-mill

LAFAYETTE — A legal-ethics expert says a pending case challenging the competency of a federal judge in Louisiana has several components that are outside the norm of a typical civil lawsuit.

U.S. citizen born in refugee camp challenges state law after being denied marriage certificate

NEW ORLEANS — A 31-year-old U.S. citizen born in a refugee camp is suing the state of Louisiana over a law that requires a birth certificate to marry.

Individuals on felony parole, probation file suit to get voting rights back

BATON ROUGE – A lawsuit in Baton Rouge looks to give voting rights back to individuals on probation or parole for felony crimes.

La. bill to limit timeframe for real estate appraisal complaints likely to be reintroduced next year

BATON ROUGE—A bill that would have limited the amount of time that can elapse before a real estate appraiser is sued for an error failed in the Louisiana House of Representatives earlier this year, but the legislative assistant who brought the bill to its sponsor said he and others are planning to revive the measure next year and think it will pass then.