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ACLU of Louisiana supports lawsuit's quest for accountability in police shooting

By Carrie Bradon | Feb 28, 2019

BATON ROUGE – A man who was arrested in August after a traffic stop has filed a federal lawsuit claiming the Baton Rouge Police Department is guilty of numerous wrongdoings, including violation of his constitutional rights and putting his life in danger by making him the subject of a manhunt.

ACLU calls state prison system's over-detention crisis 'unacceptable and unconstitutional'

By Carrie Bradon | Feb 21, 2019

A series of lawsuits are being filed on behalf of inmates that have been kept in Louisiana prisons for periods of time, ranging from weeks to years, after their release dates.

Inmates were left to die from Hep C, ACLU claims in lawsuits

By Carrie Bradon | Feb 14, 2019

A number of lawsuits claim that, despite suffering from a serious health condition that required treatment, Louisiana prisons inmates were instead left to die.

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