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Construction company seeks payment for missing anchors

By Holland Phillips | Sep 13, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A local construction company wants to solve the mystery of its missing anchor and recoup expenses for its loss.River Construction Inc. filed suit against Rhodia Inc.00 and $18,000

Bed, Bath & Beyond sued by customer who claims boxes fell on head

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 13, 2013

GRETNA – A corporate retailer is being suing by a customer who claims she was injured when boxes fell on her head.Nichakant Pornanangarn filed suit against Bed, Bath & Beyond Inc. 1. LaDart

Two subcontractors seek $380K over unpaid work done on Josephine Lofts

By Eliza Walker | Sep 17, 2013

Dan Son Developers LLC and Diamond Scaffold Builders LLC filed suit against American Paint Building LLC, Brown Builders Inc.The plaintiffs claim that on or about Feb.11 to Diamond Scaffold Builders

Seaman sues after falling out of bunk bed

By Michelle Keahey | Sep 17, 2013

NEW ORLEANS - A seaman has filed a lawsuit against his employer claiming he suffered injuries to his knee when he fell out of his bunk bed, which was missing certain bed rails.Ambrosio O. on Aug.U.S

Lengthy list of companies named in asbestos suit filed by retired shipyard worker

By Holland Phillips | Sep 17, 2013

George Joseph Van Houten filed suit against Avondale Industries Inc., Air & Liquid Systems Corporation, Armstrong International, Asbestos Corporation, Aurora Pump Company, Inc., BW/IP, Inc. Reese

Baptist church claims reverend wrongfully installed himself as pastor

By Eliza Walker | Sep 18, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A local baptist church is suing a man of the cloth who has installed himself as pastor after winning an election he allegedly held on wrongful terms.Greater St. Cary Payton Sr.Case no

Audit dispute ongoing between Orleans Parish School Board and Inspector General

By Holland Phillips | Sep 20, 2013

NEW ORLEANS—A dispute between the Orleans Parish School Board and the city's Inspector General is heating up.Quatrevaux submitted a contentious rebuke to Robichaux's brief. Bruno.Case no. 2013-06630

Community health center sues attorney after legislative auditor finds overbilling of legal services

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 19, 2013

GRETNA – A health clinic that serves indigent citizens is suing its attorney for allegedly overbilling for legal services.Jefferson Community Health Care Center Inc. 12. Garrity Jr. of Harahan. Mentz

Chiquita, Coca-Cola and others named in asbestos suit

By Holland Phillips | Sep 22, 2013

Charles J. Carrone Sr. filed suit against Asbestos Corporation Limited, Eagle Inc., Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Owens Illinois Inc., Reilly-Benton Company, Taylor-Seidenbach Inc. Irons

Lawsuit claims autistic student forgotten on bus, locked in garage

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 23, 2013

15. 21, 2012. Subsequently, Williams asserts her daughter was transported to a garage where the school employees locked her inside the bus and left the premises.Williams is represented by Kenneth M

Action filed against contractor for work on home damaged by Hurricane Katrina

By Holland Phillips | Sep 24, 2013

NEW ORLEANS— A woman claims to have been bamboozled by an unlicensed contractor that performed unsatisfactory repairs on her home in 2007.Linda Joseph filed suit against AVN Construction Inc. Joe A

Sales representative sued by former employer for alleged breach of non-compete clause

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 25, 2013

GRETNA – A construction equipment supply company is suing a former sales representative they claim breached a non-compete clause in his employment contract. 20. Sullivan Jr.Case no. 730-135

Burlington Coat Factory sued by woman who claims injury after shelf allegedly fell on her

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 25, 2013

GRETNA – A corporate clothing retailer is being sued by a woman who claims she was injured when a shelf fell on her at one of their local stores. in the 24th Judicial District Court on Aug. 21

Metairie company sued over pollution of oyster beds sues insurer for not covering damages

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 26, 2013

Project Consulting Services Inc. filed suit against Steadfast Insurance Company in the 24th Judicial District Court on Aug. 22.Project Consulting Services Inc. Project Consulting Services Inc.Case no

Methodist Hospital worker files suit against construction company after being shocked

By Eliza Walker | Sep 27, 2013

NEW ORLEANS –A construction worker has filed suit after injuries he allegedly received while on a work site. 1. In doing so, he sustained severe burns and injuries to his hands. Reese.Case no. 13

Second phase of BP oil spill trial begins today

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 30, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – The second phase of the trial over the 2010 BP oil spill begins today.That should last about one week, he said.Under the Clean Water Act fines are assessed per barrel.2 million barrels

Insurance company sues roofer for roof failure during Hurricane Isaac

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 1, 2013

GRETNA – An Illinois-based insurance company is suing a local construction company for damages related to the failure of their roof during a hurricane.Illinois Union Insurance Co. On Aug. Mentz

Appeals court rules for BP - allows claims process to be revisited

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 3, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – Despite U.S.A three judge panel for the Fifth Circuit split 2-1 on forcing the court to reconsider the settlement agreement. Judge James Dennis dissented

Winn-Dixie sued by man who claims he was barred from store after being racially profiled as a thief

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 3, 2013

Jermaine R. Walker filed suit against Winn-Dixie Montgomery LLC, Winn-Dixie Store No. 1431 and the city of Westwego in the 24th Judicial District Court on Aug. 23.The plaintiff alleges that on Aug

Couple sues after being made aware of possible embryo mix up in in vitro pregnancy

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 4, 2013

C.B. and J.B. 23.C.B. and J.B. claim that in 2004 C.B. underwent in vitro fertilization under the care of Ochsner Clinic Foundation and later gave birth to twin girls. C.B. and J.B.B.C.B. and J.B

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