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AG Caldwell seeks to keep private lawyers from taking fees in state oil spill claims

By Steve Korris | Oct 15, 2010

Caldwell Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell aims to prevent private lawyers from controlling state oil spill claims and reaping fees from state recoveries.S. 8

BP lawyers won't confirm whether company will adhere to $75 million cap

By Alejandro de los Rios | Oct 18, 2010

"When Barbier asked if that statement had a footnote "up to $75 million," Haycraft said that he was "not prepared to respond to that specific question in that

Diver sues after being told to jump into shallow water

By Michelle Massey | Oct 18, 2010

A diver claims his supervisor ordered him to jump off a boat into three feet of muddy water which resulted in injuries. on Oct. 8 in federal court in New Orleans.He is represented by Jack W.U.S

Couple sues over injuries suffered in I-12 accident

By Michelle Massey | Oct 18, 2010

A St. Tammany Parish couple has filed a lawsuit against the driver and owner of a disabled tractor-trailer over injuries sustained on Interstate 12.Aubrey Mizell Jr. 5 in federal court in New Orleans

BP declares it will waive $75 OPA cap

By Alejandro de los Rios | Oct 19, 2010

At an MDL status conference Oct. 15, BP counsel would not directly answer presiding U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier's questions about whether the oil company would invoke the OPA cap during trial.U

Houma woman sued after rear-ending vehicle

By Michelle Massey | Oct 20, 2010

A Georgia man has filed a lawsuit against a Houma woman after she allegedly rear-ended his vehicle while attempting to enter Louisiana Highway 24.Alan Hall filed suit against The Phoenix Insurance Co

Jefferson Parish sued by building owner over permit revocation

By Michelle Massey | Oct 25, 2010

A Jefferson Parish building owner claims his due process rights have been violated because a previous tenant violated city ordinances.Joseph S. Ancona, Jr. filed suit against Jefferson Parish on Oct

State seeks dismissal from suit against Orleans Levee Board

By Alejandro de los Rios | Oct 25, 2010

Orleans residents Ulysses Williams and Theodore Lange are suing the OLD and former president, Jim Huey, after they were allegedly fired without due cause in 1996. The motion states that, "Mr

Fire alarm briefly evacuates Orleans Parish Civil District Court

By Alejandro de los Rios | Oct 26, 2010

A fire alarm in Orleans Parish Civil District court briefly triggered a building-wide evacuation before people were told it was a false alarm.An alarm on the third floor was triggered at around 3 p.m

High court slashes judgments in test cases for Union Carbide paint thinner class

By Steve Korris | Oct 27, 2010

Bienvenu Louisiana Supreme Court Justices slashed judgments by almost 90 percent in test cases for a class action against Union Carbide over release of paint thinner.S

Company claims lawyer failed to point out judge's error

By Andrea Dearden | Nov 1, 2010

A New Orleans company is accusing its former attorney and his law firm of providing poor legal representation.SJD-CC LLC filed a lawsuit against Steven B. 21 in Orleans Parish District Court

Handicapped woman sues JP Morgan Chase after burning hand on freshly welded rail

By Michelle Massey | Nov 1, 2010

A handicapped Louisiana woman has filed a lawsuit against a bank after she burned her hand on a newly welded handrail, while she was attempting to enter the bank. 19 in federal court in New Orleans.U

Zimmer sued over hip replacement device

By Michelle Massey | Nov 2, 2010

A Jefferson Parish couple is suing the manufacturers of a hip replacement device for not warning of risks associated with the product.Joe Dean Krack and Gerald Krack filed suit against Zimmer Inc.U.S

Woman files lawsuit after slipping in water

By Michelle Massey | Nov 3, 2010

A Tangipahoa resident has filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart for allowing water to be sprayed onto the floor, resulting in a slip and fall incident.Elaine Johnson filed suit on Oct. 26. Schoenberger.U

Mississippi woman sues JCPenney after slipping in water and falling

By Michelle Massey | Nov 4, 2010

A Mississippi resident has filed suit against JC Penney asking for more than $500,000 in damages after she slipped in water and fell. 26 in federal court in New Orleans. Ungar, George W. Bryne, Jr.U

Seaman sues for $2 million after falling due to inadequate lighting

By Michelle Massey | Nov 8, 2010

A seaman is suing his employer for $2 million after he injured his lower back when he fell due to what he claims was inadequate lighting.Jerry Kirkley filed suit against Deloach Marine Services Inc.U

Nurse claims New Orleans doctor sexually harassed her

By Michelle Massey | Nov 9, 2010

An Omega Hospital nurse is suing a New Orleans doctor claiming he required sexual services as a condition of her employment. on Oct. 29 in federal court in New Orleans. 29, 2009, the complaint states

Hearing set in case against New Orleans Music Hall of Fame

By Alejandro de los Rios | Nov 11, 2010

A hearing on a plaintiff motion for summary judgment has been set for Dec.Reroof America Corp."New Orleans attorney Wayne Garrett is representing NOMHF.Orleans Parish Case 2009-02065

Crewmember sues over taxing work schedule

By Michelle Massey | Nov 12, 2010

A crewmember filed a lawsuit against his employer accusing his employer of having too harsh of a work schedule. 2 in federal court in New Orleans. 11.He is represented by Steven J.U.S. R.Case No

Plaintiffs seek to extend discovery in suit against city of New Orleans

By Alejandro de los Rios | Nov 15, 2010

LeBlanc Judge Ethel Julien will hear a plaintiff motion to extend discovery on Nov., Hard Rock Construction Co. Roch neighborhood in New Orleans."

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