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Court reverses decision in dispute over $40,000 in unpaid materials for renovation project

The Louisiana Fourth District Court of Appeal has reversed a lower court’s judgement against a contractor by an unpaid material supplier.

University of Southern Mississippi seeks dismissal of former football player's suit

BATON ROUGE – An unusual lawsuit against the University of Southern Mississippi involves a former football player suing over allegations of discrimination on the basis of a medical condition and claiming the university violated Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act by discussing his condition with staff.

Minnesota Life Insurance Co. seeks interpleader in insurance beneficiary dispute

LAFAYETTE – An insurer is seeking the court's help with a dispute among several individuals in relation to the beneficiaries of an insurance policy.

Gretna man claims Worldwide Labor Support of Illinois owes unpaid overtime wages

NEW ORLEANS – A Gretna welder has filed a class-action lawsuit against his former employer over allegations that he wasn't properly compensated for overtime work.

Class action filed against Cable Marketing and Installation for allegedly unpaid wages

NEW ORLEANS – A St. Tammany Parish resident has filed a class-action lawsuit against his former employer over allegations that he was not fairly compensated for his work.

Conviction of New Orleans traffic court accountant who overbilled will stand

NEW ORLEANS — The conviction and three-year sentence of an accountant found guilty of theft, money laundering and unlawful payment structuring while working as a contractor for the New Orleans Traffic Court will stand, a court has ruled.

Louisiana creates riverboat economic development and gaming task forces

NEW ORLEANS -- Citing alleged threats from Oklahoma and Mississippi, the Louisiana Legislature created the Riverboat Economic Development and Gaming Task Force during the past legislative session. 

Indigent misdemeanor offenders won't be jailed in Jackson for being unable to pay fines

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – The “pay or stay” system of Jackson has come to an end following a landmark settlement reached by the petitioners and Mississippi's capital city.

Man alleges semi collided with van, caused him to fall from ladder

GRETNA – A man is seeking damages after he was allegedly caused to fall from a ladder.

Veteran Delgado professor sues board for wrongful termination

NEW ORLEANS – A professor who was fired from a local community college is alleging wrongful termination.

Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation files suit against company for accident that injured five workers

GRETNA – A statewide workers' compensation fund is suing a number of defendants for recovery of funds paid out to workers injured in a boat accident.

Workers' compensation fund requests sheriff seize company property

NEW ORLEANS – A statewide workers' compensation fund has requested the local sheriff to garnish the funds and seize property of a local company to satisfy a judgment.

Supreme Court sides with Liberty Mutual -- discounts don't break law

Barrasso Liberty Mutual Insurance didn't violate workers compensation law when it discounted bills through a preferred provider organization, the Supreme Court of Louisiana decided on Nov. 30.

Insurers and providers battle over work comp discounts at Supreme Court

Barrasso NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana's Supreme Court must settle a fight between insurers and health care providers over tens of millions of dollars.