A suit filed against JP Morgan Chase Bank on April 13 in Orleans Parish District Court alleges that the bank is liable for more than $50,000 in unauthorized withdrawals from a private account.

According to the suit filed by New Orleans attorney Peter Hamilton III, plaintiff Mary Evans deposited Road Home Program proceeds in the amount of $75,847.06 in June 2008. When Evans reviewed her account in April 2009, she realized that more than $50,000 dollars had been withdrawn from her bank account without her knowledge, the suit claims.

The petition states that Evans does not regularly use the account nor does she have an ATM/debit card for said account and that she filed a dispute with JP Morgan Chase Customer Claims Department in an effort to locate the missing funds.

The suit alleges that JP Morgan Chase "arbitrarily and capriciously" denied plaintiff's claim for reimbursement of funds that were fraudulently withdrawn from the account. JP Morgan Chase Bank's insurance company and a Jane Doe and/or John Doe who "committed the act" are also named as defendants in the suit.

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