Curb Side Daiquiris and Landmark Insurance Co. are being sued over injuries allegedly suffered when a door slammed into the back of a patron's leg.

According to a complaint filed May 5 in Orleans Parish District Court, Vanessa Stanford of New Orleans was entering Curb Side located on Elysian Fields Avenue in May 2009, when the door violently swung closed, severely lacerating her left leg and heel.

The complaint alleges that Curb Side is negligent as it had knowledge of the defect prior to the accident. Other alleged acts of negligence include failure to maintain the door, failure to inspect door, failure to keep door in safe condition, failure to make repairs on door, failure to place warning signs and other acts.

Stanford is seeking compensation for past and future physical pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, scarring and disfigurement and other expenses.

Stanford is being represented by Norman F. Hodgins III of New Orleans.

Case number 10-4584

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