Winn-Dixie is the subject of two separate lawsuits filed in Orleans Parish District Court May 13 over injuries allegedly sustained by customers at the same store at different times.

In one of the suits, Eloise Davis of New Orleans claims she was walking from a vehicle in the parking lot at a store on Chef Menteur Highway, when she tripped over a defect in the parking lot and fell, severely injuring herself. The incident took place March 11.

Davis alleges that Winn-Dixie and its co-defendant insurers are liable for injuries sustained during the fall as the parking lot was allegedly defective. She claims the defendants knew or should have known of the defects.

Davis is seeking damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of work and any and all other damages available by law.

She is represented by J. Michael Daly Jr. of Metairie.

The other suit was filed by Verrie Davis of New Orleans. It is not known if she is related to Eloise Davis.

Verrie Davis claims that while she was reaching for merchandise on a shelf at the store on Chef Menteur, she tripped and fell over a step stool that had been left in the aisle. The incident took place May 18, 2009, her complaint states.

She is seeking relief for injuries allegedly suffered in the accident.

Verrie Davis is represented by Angela Lumzy Jones of New Orleans.

Orleans Parish case number 10-4888 and 2010-4887

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