New York attorney Mike Rozen, who is helping oversee the distribution of BP's $20 billion escrow account to handle claims related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, will meet with plaintiff attorneys later this month in New Orleans to answer questions about filing claims.

Rozen is partner with Kenneth Feinburg (Feinburg Rozen), who was appointed by President Barack Obama to distribute the BP-funded account to claimants affected by the Gulf oil spill. Feinburg and Rozen previously were in charge of a 9/11 fund to help families affected by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

At an oil spill litigation conference in New Orleans today, Reserve attorney Daniel Becnel, Jr, announced that Rozen would come to New Orleans on June 29 to meet with plaintiff lawyers at the University of Loyola, New Orleans Law School. He said that Rozen pledged to stay "as long as we need to."

Becnel praised Obama's decision to appoint Feinburg and Rozen to distribute the escrow funds.

"These guys are really sharp," Becnel said at the conference. "Based on cases we've worked with these guys, we know these guys are on the money."

Jerrold Parker, a personal injury lawyer from New York who worked with Feinburg and Rozen in the 9/11 fund, highlighted the pair's effectiveness in settling claims and said that they will take the same care with the BP fund and "want to do it right."

Rozen's proposed meeting with plaintiff attorneys came about because of the many lawyers dealing with clients filing claims through the escrow account.

"We had some lawyers who put music on while on hold and we couldn't hear what he was saying," Becnel said.

The meeting will accommodate between 200-250 lawyers, Becnel said.

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