A McDonald's patron is suing the fast food restaurant after a verbal altercation occurred, including an incident where the manager allegedly attempted to stab the patron with a knife.

Deidres L. Redd, individually and on behalf of her minor child, filed suit against Demyra R. Franklin, Coaxum Enterprises and Scottsdale Insurance Co. July 12 in Orleans Parish District Court.

The alleged altercation occurred on July 12, while Redd and her minor daughter were at the drive-through line at the McDonald's store on the I-10 Service Road in New Orleans. Redd claims that McDonald's employee Demyra Franklin instigated a verbal altercation between the two parties. Redd says she left the drive-through line and parked her vehicle in the business parking lot, then Franklin entered the parking lot and continued the altercation with Redd.

According to Redd's allegations, Franklin became enraged and pulled
a folding knife from her pocket, opened it and pointed the knife at the Redd's face, threatening to stab her in front of the minor child.

Redd claims she left the location and reported the incident to police officers, who later arrested Franklin.

Redd states this incident was caused by Franklin's intentional and malicious conduct and Franklin's display of reckless disregard for the consequences of her "violent and outrageous behavior." Coaxum Enterprises is accused of negligent hiring, retention and promotion of Franklin, "given that she had a history of problems with customers and a demonstrated propensity towards violence."

Redd is seeking damages for physical pain, suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, lost income, diminished earning capacity, emotional distress, interest and attorney's fees.

Redd is represented by Mary C. Craver and Michael E. Katz in New

Judge Lloyd J. Medley is assigned to the litigation.

Case No. 10-7161

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