A Jefferson Parish homeowner is suing the Orleans Parish companies he says knowingly allowed defective and dangerous drywall to be installed throughout his house.

Derrick Alexander filed the suit Aug. 10 in Orleans Parish District Court against LA Homes, Interior Exterior Building Supply/Interior Exterior Enterprises, General Fidelity Insurance, Landmark American Insurance, Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance, Arch Insurance and North River Insurance.

Court documents show LA Homes designed and built a home on Alexander Lane in Marrero. Alexander says he bought the property in November 2006.

It wasn't until May 2010 that Alexander says he learned the home was built using Chinese drywall that allegedly emits harmful gasses that are damaging his property and health. Alexander says the Chinese drywall was supplied to the builder by Interior Exterior.

Alexander claims the gasses emitted by the drywall have damaged wiring, plumbing and appliances in his home. He also blames the drywall for health problems he has allegedly suffered - shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, eye irritation and respiratory problems. Alexander says the drywall creates a noxious odor similar to the smell of rotten eggs.

Alexander claims LA Homes, Interior Exterior Enterprises and their insurers breached the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act and Warranty of Redhibition by allowing the defective drywall to be used in the home and refusing to remedy the problem after he requested it.

Alexander accuses the defendants of negligence, saying they knew or should have known about the problems associated with the drywall but allowed it to be used in his home anyway.

Alexander seeks compensation for the cost to remove the Chinese drywall and the rebuild his home. He also seeks damages for personal injuries, emotional distress, mental anguish, attorney fees, court costs and interest.

Alexander is represented by Anthony Irpino and K. Adam Levin of Irpino Law Firm in New Orleans.

Case No. 10-8237

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