Woman blames pleasure club for head injury caused by strobe light

By Andrea Dearden | Aug 17, 2010

Woman blames pleasure club for head injury caused by strobe light
A woman blames a New Orleans social club for head injuries she says were caused by a falling light.

Mavis M. Kendrick was attending a party at the ZULU Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Inc. when a strobe light fell and hit her on the head, according to a lawsuit filed Aug. 13 in Orleans Parish District Court.

Kendrick says the club on North Broad Street was decorated with various items, including columns. She says strobe lights were attached to the tops of those columns.

On the night of the alleged incident, Kendrick says another guest was dancing and accidentally knocked against a floor decoration. The decoration knocked into a column, causing the strobe light to fall from above. Kendrick says the light hit her on the head.

The complaint shows Kendrick was taken to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. Kendrick says she suffered a serious head injury that still causes her to have headaches along with complications from scarring.

Kendrick accuses the ZULU Social Aid and Pleasure Club of negligence for failing to secure the strobe lights to the top of the columns, allowing untrained individuals to decorate the building and failing to warn guests of the possible dangers. She is seeking damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, physical disability, loss of enjoyment of life and conveniences, lost wages and medical expenses.

Attorney Robert R. Faucheux, Jr. is representing Kendrick.

Orleans Parish District Court Case No. 10-8370

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