Tentative agreement reached in translating BP proceedings for foreign workers

By Alejandro de los Rios | Sep 16, 2010

Plaintiff and defense counsel in BP oil spill litigation have tentatively agreed to consider ways in which case proceedings can be translated into Vietnamese, Cambodian and Spanish to help foreign fishermen and other workers affected by the spill to follow the case.

Los Angeles attorney Luan Tran spoke at the BP multidistrict litigation status conference in federal court in New Orleans on behalf of his clients, mostly Vietnamese and Cambodian fishermen.

Tran addressed District Judge Carl Barbier on the issue.

Barbier asked Tran to speak with both plaintiff and defense counsel on the matter before bringing it to the court's attention. Tran said that plaintiff counsel did not object to translating the proceedings and no defense attorney voiced an objection.

A large number of fishermen and workers in the seafood industry are comprised of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Spanish-speaking immigrants.

BP's Web site set up to deal with claims and provide information to the public has translated versions available, Tran pointed out.

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