Orleans Parish resident Therryll Johnson is suing Factory Direct Installations in Orleans Parish Civil District Court for allegedly installing a faulty roof in October 2004.

New Orleans attorneys Jack Ricci and Michael Ricci filed the petition for damages Dec. 7. The suit claims that Factory Direct performed work on the "entire roof, gutters and downspouts" at Johnson's property for $49,000.

Johnson claims that she noticed a roof leak in December 2004 and that she contacted Factory Direct which attempted repairs but she continued to experience leaking for the next several years.

The suit alleges that the entire roofing system "was installed incorrectly, is an incorrect application of this roofing system and must be totally replaced."

The suit contains the specifications for Johnson's roof and claims Factory Direct did not follow them. The suit also cites Factory Direct's warranty and claims the company has violated it.

Johnson is claiming that Factory Direct is liable "for the cost of replacing the entire roof, for all damages caused to the interior of her house by the constant leaking of the roof, as well as all attorneys fees."

This case has been assigned to Judge Sidney Cates IV.

Orleans Parish Case 2010-12208

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