An Orleans Parish woman is suing to gain access to her neighbor's courtyard in order to make repairs on her condominium, according to a suit filed Jan. 10 in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Val Bergman is suing William and Dee Henson, along with State Farm Insurance, because Bergman's condo "is in serious need of repair" but "the Hensons continue (to) unreasonably deny access to accomplish these needed repairs."

New Orleans attorneys Brian Katz, Marx Terbcow and Natalie Brockebank are representing Bergman.

The suit claims that, because of the lack of repairs, "moisture continues to leak into the unit causing mold, damage and uninhabitable conditions on a daily basis."

The suit seeks damages for "the diminution of the property and of the value," "lost economic opportunities" and "physical and mental anguish, emotional distress, aggravation," among other charges.

This case has been assigned to Judge Madeleine Landrieu.

Orleans Parish Case 2011-00256

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