A New Orleans woman is seeking injunctive relief in Orleans Parish Civil District Court against business entities located in a commercial building next door.

New Orleans attorney Gothard Reck filed a suit on behalf of Gothlyn Reck, "the last generation" of a family that has owned a house on Broad Street "without interruption for over eighty years," according to the suit.

Reck claims people are trespassing on her property and threatening her.

The petition names H.B. Tow Properties LLC, Gurmukh S. Bawa, Professional Medical Corp. and Gurmukh Bawa and Harjeet Bawa as defendants. No response has yet been filed in Orleans Parish.

This petition for injunction was originally filed Jan. 10.

The lawsuit claims that the commercial properties located in the building next to Gothlyn Reck's home have installed electrical equipment that has left exposed wires, grounding rods, breaker boxes and other objects that "severely encroach" upon her property.

Reck alleges that the building next door to her home contains a barber shop, beauty shop, family medical practice, and a tee shirt shop, and that employees and patrons of the businesses "were a direct source of unlawful loitering, smoking and drinking" on her property.

The suit also claims that the building "exceeds the limit of commercial enterprises permitted by the specific square footage of property in violation of comprehensive zoning ordinances and statues of the City of New Orleans."

When Reck has confronted trespassers from the building next door, she claims that she was subject to "verbal abuse, physical insults, aggressive intimidation, continuous stalking as defined by Louisiana Law."

Judge Rosemary Ledet is schedule to hear arguments in this case Jan. 21.

Orleans Parish Case 2011-00230

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