A Lafayette woman is suing the Lucky Dollar Casino and Madison Auto Truck Plaza in New Orleans after she fell from a chair, according to a suit filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Weola Landry claims that when she was using a gaming machine at the Lucky Dollar, she "tried to move her chair closer to the gaming machine, the foot of the chair became caught in the carpet, causing her and her chair to fall backward."

The suit claims that Landry's "head hit the metal base of the chair behind her, causing serious and debilitating injuries for which she has sought medical attention and treatment." No specific injuries or medical bills are cited in the suit.

New Orleans attorneys Evette Ungar, George Byrne Jr. and Cheryl Wild filed the suit Jan. 27.

It claims "the poor condition of the carpet constitutes an unreasonable risk of harm" and that Lucky Dollar "failed to exercise reasonable care in maintaining a safe environment."

Judge Kern Reese has been assigned this case.

Orleans Parish Case 2011-00881

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