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A Jefferson Parish woman's personal injury suit against Universal Studios after she fell and hurt herself while exiting a portable toilet located on a Final Destination IV movie set is scheduled for trial next February.

Debra Pittman claims that after exiting the toilet, she "fell through a space in the metal steps that became disattached[sic] improperly and separated enough to allow [her] foot/leg to fall through causing her severe and permanent injuries."

The incident occurred in January 2008.

Pittman claims she was infected with a staph infection that required her to have surgeries to her leg and hip, the suit claims.

Elite Portable Restrooms and Showers Inc. was also named as a defendant in the suit.

Attorneys for Elite have filed several motions to compel the production of medical documents pertaining to Pittman's injuries.

An April 15 hearing on Elite's motion was continued without date.

New Orleans attorneys Guy Perrier, Richard Ely Jr. and Trent Roddy are representing Elite.

Metairie attorney Thomas Cerullo filed the original petition for damages in March 2009.

The lawsuit also named ESIS Inc., ACE Insurance, JAG Mobile Solutions, Burlington Insurance, FD4 Productions and Colony Insurance as defendants.

Allegations made against Time Warner, ACE, FD4, and ESIS were dismissed in February 2010.

New Orleans attorneys Richard Sarver, Craig Isenberg and Andrea Price represented Time Warner, ACE, FD4 and ESIS.

Metairie attorneys Andre Guadin and Joe Bernard are representing JAG and Burlington.

Orleans Parish Judge Herbert Cade signed a case management order April 6 with marks a February 2012 start to a four-day jury trial for this case.

Orleans Parish Case 2009-02655

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