A Lacombe couple filed suit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court alleging their attorney was negligent in pursuing their legal malpractice case against another attorney.

Keith and Jeanine Mason are suing A. Remy Mason, of New Orleans-based Frasen & Hardin law firm, for alleged legal malpractice.

According to the new complaint, attorney Mason pursued legal action on behalf of the couple against attorney Wayne E. Garrett, who has a private practice.

The plaintiffs allege Mason did not fully pursue their case against Garrett. The complaint against Garrett alleging he had unsuccessfully pursued a case against their home insurer over uncovered damages. Mason put Garrett on notice that the plaintiff would pursue their rights against him if the appeals case Garrett was handling was unsuccessful in December 2008.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages including recompense for professional liability and unspecified medical costs.

The suit was filed by the plaintiffs themselves without help from outside counsel.

The suit does not indicate whether the plaintiffs are related to the defendant.

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