In recognition of Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week legal watchdog Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch is asking readers to vote on the strangest lawsuits of 2011.

Readers may have a hard time choosing with cases ranging from the teacher who sued her school after he was suspended for drinking with students at an after-prom party to the woman who convinced a jury to award her damages after she stubbed a toe in a traffic accident that resulted in her suffering the embarrassment of wearing "unstylish" shoes.

"Just remember, while many of these cases may seem too ridiculous to be true-they are real suits that have real consequences," says LLAW executive director Melissa Landry.

Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week is Dec. 12-16 and seeks to highlight abuses in the state's legal system.

LLAW has compiled the top 10 "most ridiculous" lawsuits and would like readers to vote to determine who takes the crown as craziest if the year.

Readers can vote by visiting or or by joining the Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch group on Facebook.

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