DONALDSONVILLE - An East Baton Rouge man is suing the Prairieville, La., Wal-Mart after he allegedly slipped and fell on an oily floor in the store.

George A. Schmidt Sr. filed suit against the retailer in the 23rd Judicial District on Nov. 28.

Schmidt claims he was walking down an aisle in the store and suddenly fell due to a slippery oil-like substance coating the floor. The plaintiff says the fall caused severe and permanent damage to his right knee including reaggravation of an arthritic condition that required the care of a doctor.

The defendants are being held liable for allowing the hazard to exist and not cleaning it up.

A unspecified amount in damages is sought for pain and suffering, residual or permanent damage, healthcare related bills, mental anguish and loss of earning capacity. 

Schmidt is being represented by Rebecca L. Norton, of New Orleans-based Hurndon and Gaffney. 

Case number 101963 has been assigned to Divison B Judge Thomas Kliebert, Jr.

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