Richard V. Kohnke

A New Orleans woman is suing her bank after a door on the pneumatic tube system closed on her hand.

Megan Henry filed suit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court against Morgan Chase Bank and its insurers on Dec. 16.

Henry claims she was injured while accessing drive-up banking when she placed the capsule in the pneumatic tube system and the door closed on her hand. The plaintiff is claiming injuries including left hand, wrist and arm pain and injury. It is unclear whether Henry needed immediate medical intervention in the incident.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional trauma and mental anguish.

The defendants are accused of owning defective machines and equipment, failing to keep a proper lookout when operating the equipment and failing to properly maintain and inspect bank equipment.

Henry is being represented by New Orleans-based attorney Richard V. Kohnke.

Case number 2011-12978 has been assigned to Division L Judge Kern A. Reese.

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