NEW ORLEANS - Rick Elsky has stepped out of the State Republican Committee race in the 82nd Representative District due to a party affiliation ineligibility.

Elsky admitted to not reading the bylaws of the Louisiana Republican Party before applying for the election and that he actually was not eligible for the seat.

Bruce Donnelly, Elsky's opponent, had filed a suit against Elsky and the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court because Elsky switched his party affiliation from Libertarian to Republican too late to run in the election.

Elsky says he withdrew after reading the bylaws, but Donelly filed suit against him anyway in Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Dec. 16, 2011.

"He is 100 percent right," said Elsky. "Per the bylaws I was not eligible to run. So I certainly harbor no animus."

Donelly has reportedly filed a motion to dismiss the case with prejudice and will now be running unopposed for the state committee seat. The election is set to take place March 24.

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