Woman sues dentist for allegedly allowing infection to progress

By Kyle Barnett | Jun 29, 2012

GRETNA – A Jefferson parish woman is suing her dentist after he allegedly misdiagnosed her mouth infection and let it progress following a procedure.

Rhonda Babcock Chauvin filed suit against Joseph Anzelmo, DDS in the 24th Judicial District Court on June 18. Chauvin claims she made an emergency visit to Dental Care offices in Marrero and was initially seen by an associate of Anselmo's who diagnosed her as needing a root canal.

Two months later after Anzelmo returned from a vacation Chauvin alleges he completed the root canal procedure. However, Chauvin asserts after the numbing agent wore off following the procedure she immediately experienced severe pain and swelling.

The plaintiff claims she experienced progressing pain and saw Anselmo again who said the root canal procedure appeared to be a success.

Finally a month and a half after the procedure Chauvin alleges she visited an emergency room due to increasing pain where a dental abscess was diagnosed by the attending physician who drained it and prescribed antibiotics. The plaintiff claims she visited another dentist afterward who then removed the tooth Anselmo had tried to save with the initial root canal procedure.

Chauvin alleges she also received a yeast infection that progressed into a urinary tract infection due to an allergic reaction to the prescribed antibiotics.

The defendant is accused of failing to render proper care and treatment, failure of medical professionals who carried out orders of the defendant, failing to properly chart and failing to properly perform root canal.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought by the plaintiff.

Chauvin is represented by Douglas L. Uzee of Marrero-based Uzee & Richard.

The case has been assigned to Division H Judge Glenn B. Ansardi.

Case number 716-069.

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