GRETNA – A New Orleans woman is suing a fast food chain for injuries she claims she received while interacting with a worker through the drive through window.

Michelle Adams filed suit against McDonald's Restaurants of Louisiana, Inc., McDonald's Restaurant No. 6110 and Jane Doe.

Adams claims she was receiving her order through the drive through window at the McDonald's located at 2916 Jefferson Highway in Jefferson when a young, unknown worker handed her a cup of coffee that allegedly did not have its lid completely secured.

The plaintiff alleges that the hot coffee spilled onto her hand and in reaction she quickly withdrew her arm and violently hit her elbow on the window frame of her vehicle. Adams asserts that the worker apologized and admitted at the time to forgetting to entirely close the coffee cup lid.

She claims she received partially-disabling injuries due to the incident including injuries to her left hand, wrist, elbow and arm and left thigh, which resulted in her seeking emergency medical treatment.

The anonymous worker is accused of failing to properly secure the lid on the hot coffee, failing to properly warn the customer about the dangerous condition of the lid and her faulty custodianship of the transaction.

The restaurant is accused of failing to properly and adequately train its staff, failing to warn the customer about the dangerous condition and by not properly exercising control over an item that could cause harm.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for permanent partial-disability, medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity and losses of life's expectations and pleasures.

Adams is represented by Robert Matlock Hearin, Jr. of the New Orleans-based Hearin Law Offices.

The case has been assigned to Donald A. Rowan, Jr.

Case no. 716-383.

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