Gerolyn P. Roussel

NEW ORLEANS – An insurance company is the lead defendant in an asbestos case filed in the Orleans Parish Central District Court.

America Motorists Insurance Co. and 15 other defendants are accused of withholding information on the dangers of asbestos-containing materials.

Maurice Joseph Becnel filed suit in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on July 3. He claims exposure to asbestos by the defendants resulted in his contracting mesothelioma. He also claims that asbestos exposure led to multiple deaths of his former co-workers.

Becnel was employed at Avondale shipyard from 1956 through 1979 where he claims the exposure took place. He asserts that until 1975 he was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis which directly resulted in the development of his disease diagnosed this year.

He claims the damage took place over a long period of time and with each exposure increased his tendency to contract the disease.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, fear of death and complications, permanent disability, loss of enjoyment of lifestyle, reduction in life expectancy, loss of income, loss of fringe benefits, medical expenses, loss of personal services, costs of care and assistance, costs of custodial care, mutilation, frustration, inconvenience, increased costs of insurance.

Becnel is represented by Gerolyn P. Roussel of LaPlace-based Roussel & Clement.

The case has been assigned to Division F Judge Christopher J. Bruno.

Case no. 2012-06486.

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