LAFAYETTE – A Lafayette woman has filed suit against a former police officer for assault and sexual battery.

Pamela J. Harris filed suit against Lafayette City Consolidated Parish Governement, Joey Durel, Lafayete Police Department, Police Chief Jim Craft and Jackie Hagan in the 15th Judicial District Court on July 31.

Harris claims she witnessed a battery in downtown Lafayette with her friend Tamara and called the Lafayette police via 911. The plaintiff alleges Hagan arrived and investigated the incident and told the couple he would have to take Harris home. Tamara said Harris had not been drinking and had ridden to the scene with her and that Harris's belongings were in her car. The plaintiff asserts that Hagan insisted on driving both Harris and Tamara to Tamara's vehicle so Harris could retrieve her belongings.

Harris claims that Hagan began asking personal questions of Harris on the ride home the made her very uncomfortable, including if she had a husband and if they had ever brought other people into their relationship. The plaintiff alleges she asked the officer to stop the vehicle so she could use a restroom, but he declined her request. Harris asserts that Hagan drove her to a parking lot and asked her if she could urinate behind a local business at which point Harris asked that she be taken home. Harris claims she felt intimidated.

Harris claims when they arrived at her residence Hagan forcefully kissed her and pulled her shirt up and bit her nipple. The plaintiff alleges that she urinated on herself pushed Hagan away and fled the car and entered her home at which point she notified her husband about the sexual advance of Hagan. At this point Harris again called 911 to notify them of the supposed crime Hagan perpetrated on her.

Police arriving on the scene took Harris's clothing as evidence, which was later tested for Hagan's DNA evidence which was found.

Hagan was later terminated from the Lafayette police force and charged with sexual battery.

The defendant is accused of assault and sexual battery.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for physical injury, emotional trauma and distress.

Harris is represented by Lafayette-based attorney Roshell Jones.

The case has been assigned to Division C Judge Ed Broussard.

Case no. 20124240.

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