Denise C. Puente

NEW ORLEANS – A contractor working on the National World War II Museum is requesting a steel fabrication company pay for mistakes allegedly made in producing building components.

Woodward Design + Build, LLC and Carl E. Woodward LLC filed suit against H&H Steel Fabricators in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Sept. 19. Woodward claims it entered into an agreement with H&H to provide fabricated steel for work to be done on the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. The plaintiff claims the steel it received from the defendant was not in accordance with shop drawings provided by the plaintiff and parts of it, including the trusses, had to be removed and refabricated. Woodward claims the cost of redoing parts of the project should be reimbursed by H&H.

The defendant is accused of delivering steel that was improperly fabricated, failing to fabricate steel in accordance with the approved shop drawings and failing to deliver acceptable steel in accordance with the project schedule.

Damages in the amount of $250,000 sought for additional expenses including extended crane rental and other equipment needed for steel erection and increased labor costs arising from the need to remove the improperly fabricated steel.

Woodward is represented by Denise C. Puente of New Orleans-based Simon, Peragine, Smith & Redfearn, LLC.

The case has been assigned to Division M Judge Paulette R. Irons.

Case no. 2012-08916.

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