John K. Etter

NEW ORLEANS - Eight Orleans Parish residents filed a class action law suit on behalf of residents and property owners against several local entities alleging damages as a result of a local drainage improvement project.

Ronda Crutchfield wife of/and Wade Crutchfield, Audrey Haines wife of/and Joseph A. Haines, Matella Mosby, Velma B. Renard, Katie Anthony wife of/and Ricky Anthony, Sr. filed a lawsuit against Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, Richard C. Lambert Consultants, LLC, Hill Brothers Construction Company, Inc., Blue Iron, Inc. and their insurers in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Aug. 13.

The plaintiffs claim they've suffered structural damage, foundation damage, tilted walls, roof damage, cracked plaster, broken sewer and water lines, plumbing damage, broken objects shaken from shelves and counters in the homes, dirt and mold, noise, vibrations, inconvenience and mental anguish as a result of the construction work done by the defendants.

Potential class members would include those residing within 1,000 feet to the north and south of Dwyer Road from Jourdan Road to Tulip Street, the suit states.

The defendants are accused of knowing the risk the project would pose to property owners and residents, failing to adequately protect class members' property during the project and failing to timely and adequately investigate and respond to proposed class members' property damage complaints.

The plaintiffs and class members are seeking an unspecified amount for all damages including but not limited to expenditures for property repairs, diminution of property value and stigma, property damage, structural damage and emotional distress and anxiety.

Petitioners are represented by John K. Etter of Rodney & Etter, LLC.

This case has been assigned to Division I Judge Piper D. Griffin, Chief Judge.

Case no. 2012-07954.

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