NEW ORLEANS – A resident of the City of New Orleans is suing Hotard Coaches alleging she sustained physical and non-physical injuries as a result of the defendant's negligence.

Jonette Winston filed a lawsuit against Hotard Coaches, Inc. in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Aug. 14. Winston, a wheelchair bound amputee, claims that the driver of an LA Swift Bus, owned and operated by defendants, failed to adhere to her request stating she needed her wheelchair to be secured and she be properly belted. As a result of this alleged negligence, Winston fell from the wheelchair during the journey.

The defendant is accused of negligence.

An unspecified amount is sought for all medical expenses incurred and damages the petitioner allegedly sustained.

Winston is represented by Peter M. Meisner of River Ridge, LA.

This case has been assigned to Division I Judge Piper D. Griffin, Chief Judge.

Case no. 2012-07984.

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