GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman is suing a local pharmacy for injuries she claims to have received when she fell in her home after taking a misfilled prescription.

Ruth LeBlanc filed suit against Gros Management Inc., Dekle Drugs, Dekle Pharmacy, Randy Gros, an unknown pharmacist and America First Insurance Company in the 24th Judicial District Court on March 27.

LeBlanc claims she was prescribed Phenergan suppositories on April 26, 2012 for nausea. The plaintiff alleges that the pharmacist on staff labeled the bottle with her name on it and as containing, Promethazine, which is generic for Phenergan.

LeBlanc asserts that after picking the prescription up from the pharmacy she took several suppositories from the bottle over the next 24 hours. The plaintiff claims that on April 27, 2012 she was extremely dizzy when she got out of bed and fell to ground breaking several vertebrae in her back. LeBlanc alleges she later learned that she had not in fact taken Promethazine, but Compazine, a much stronger medication, that was substituted by the pharmacist.

The defendant is accused of misfilling the prescription and placing the wrong medication name on the label.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for pain and suffering, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, caretaker expenses, mental; anguish, depression, loss of function, disability and loss of quality of life.

LeBlanc is represented by R. Glenn Cater of New Orleans-based Cater & Associates LLC.

The case has been assigned to Division M Judge Henry G. Sullivan Jr.

Case no. 725-240.

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