NEW ORLEANS – A prisoner who had just been released from custody is suing for injuries she claims to have received when she allegedly slipped and fell while on her way out of the prison.

Jasmin Burton filed suit against the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office on May 28.

On May 23, 2012, Jasmin Burton claims she walking out of the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office after being released from custody. She allegedly suffered injuries upon leaving the premises.

Burton is suing the office claiming she slipped and fell on an uncovered sewer drain located at the Orleans Parish Prison. The suit claims the defendant failed to provide safe conditions for inmates and allows for the ruination of property.

The defendant is accused negligence.

Damages in an unspecified sum are claimed for medical expenses, physical pain and suffering and residual disability.

Jasmine Burton is represented by Tim L. Fields.

The case has been assigned to Division J Judge, Paula A. Brown.

No. 2013-04918.

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