NEW ORLEANS - A man who underwent a hip replacement surgery is suing the company that manufactured his prosthetic after the device allegedly failed due to defects.

Dale Kramer filed suit against Stryker Orthopedics, Stryker Corporation, Stryker Sales Corporation, Benjamin J. Boyce and their insurer in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on May 24.

Kramer underwent a hip replacement surgery on April 12, 2011 at the Southern Surgical Hospital located in St. Tammany Parish.  The doctor used prosthetics manufactured by Stryker Orthopedics and on May 25, 2012, 13 months after his surgery, Kramer allegedly suffered tremendous pain and instability when the prosthetic hip failed.

At the hospital, Kramer was informed that his prosthetic hip was dislocated and had to have surgery. Doctors found that the Stryker prosthetic pieces were improperly matched. Stryker published a product correction indicating that the labeling of prosthetic devices was misleading, but failed to inform Kramer’s doctor.

The defendant is accused of failing to provide adequate warning of defect in their product, breaching their warranty and failing to train employees to properly disseminate information.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for painful injuries, permanent disability and loss of enjoyment of life.

The plaintiff is represented by Alan G. Bouterie of the Chalmette-based Bouterie Law Firm APLC.

The case has been assigned to Division F Judge Christopher J. Bruno.

Case no. 2013-05007.

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