NEW ORLEANS – A former shipyard worker and pipe-filler claims he has been diagnosed with lung cancer resulting from his occupational exposure to asbestos.

Templeton Evans filed suit against Avondale Industries Inc., Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Inc., Huntington Ingalls Inc., Eagle Inc., Hopeman Brothers Inc., International Paper Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, McCarty Corporation, Maryland Casualty Company, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Reilly-Benton Company, Taylor-Seidenback Inc., Uniroyal Inc., Viacom Inc., Asbestos Corporation Ltd., Albert Bossier, Certain Underwriter’s at Lloyd’s, London, One Beacon Insurance Company, Entergy Gulf States, Louisiana LLC, Union Carbide Corporation, Murphy Oil USA, Chevron USA Inc., Occidental Chemical Corporation, Shell Oil Company and Monsanto.

The plaintiff states that form 1967 to 1977 he worked at Avondale Shipyard’s main dock, the Harvey Quick Repair Yard and the Westwego Yard, where he used and handled asbestos and asbestos-containing products. He claims he was further exposed to asbestos during his work as a pipefiller for Local 60, Murphy Oil, Union Carbide, Shell Oil, Monsanto, Hooker Chemical, Entergy Waterford III and Chevron, at different sites around Louisiana.

The plaintiff claims he has contracted malignant lung cancer as a result of his many years of asbestos exposure.

The defendants are accused of intentional misconduct, fraud and concealment or conspiracy to defraud or conceal the dangers of asbestos-containing products.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for medical costs, lost earnings, mental sufferings and reduced quality of life.

The plaintiff is represented by Frank J. Swarr of Landry, Swarr & Cannella LLC of New Orleans.

Case no. 13-7371.

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