GRETNA – The family of a man who died after allegedly being turned away from a local emergency room twice with diagnoses for minor conditions when he actually had a serious heart condition is suing.

Seanise Savone, individually and on behalf of her minor children, Frederick Savone Jr. and Sedric Savone, filed suit against Eric S. Zickerman D.O. in the 24th Judicial District Court on Dec. 23.

Seanise Savone asserts that her husband Frederick E. Savone Sr. died while in the care of Zickerman. The plaintiff claims that her husband arrived at the West Jefferson Medical Center on Aug. 6, 2011 with pain in his abdomen that radiated to his mouth and jaw and he gauged at the worst possible pain. Savone alleges that Frederick was evaluated for a heart attack and diagnosed with heat exhaustion before being discharged from the emergency room. The day after being sent home the deceased returned to the emergency room and was again analyzed for a heart attack, this time by Zickerman, and was diagnosed with stomach flu and discharged again.

Savone claims that hours later her husband collapsed at home and an ambulance was called. The plaintiff asserts that when Frederick arrived at the hospital it was found he had a tear in his aorta and underwent emergency surgery after which he was in a coma before dying the next day.

The defendant is accused of medical malpractice, failing to admit the deceased to the hospital, failing to monitor the condition of the patient, failing to properly evaluate the deceased, failing to order proper tests, failing to formulate a different diagnosis in light if the deceased’s complaints, failing to properly diagnose the deceased and failing to consult with a cardiologist.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, fear of death, loss of support, loss of love and affection and loss of consortium.

The Savones are represented by attorney Thomas B. Calvert of Metairie.

The case has been assigned to Division P Judge Lee V. Faulkner Jr.

Case no. 734-046.

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