NEW ORLEANS – An independent contractor is suing a homeowner after he fell several feet into a ravine and incurred severe injuries after a swing he had just built broke during testing.

Dalton Rawls filed suit against William A. Mumford in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Nov. 15, 2013.

Rawls, a Mississippi independent contractor, alleges he was hired by Mumford in November of 2012 to install a swing in Mumford’s back yard at his Mississippi home. According to Rawls, Mumford supplied the swing and chains used to suspend it over an opening in Mumford’s deck. Rawls claims to have tested the swing’s strength after installation, upon which one of the chains broke and Rawls fell through the opening to a ravine below. He claims he suffered serious injuries to his back, neck and other areas of his body.

Mumford is accused of furnishing chains inadequate to support the swing’s weight requirement, designing and owning a deck unreasonably dangerous for normal use, requesting a swing to be built over this dangerous deck and failing to take safety precautions to prevent injury to the deck’s occupants.

Rawls’ damages exceed $50,000 in order to cover lost earnings, medical expenses and disability.

Rawls is represented by attorney Robert Angelle of Metairie.

The case has been assigned to Division N Judge Paulette R. Irons.

Case no. 2013-10726.

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