COVINGTON – A Covington couple is suing a construction company after allgegedly spending more than $80,000 on property repairs, claiming that the company presented itself as “workmanlike,” but proved to be otherwise.

Donald and Judy Dicharry filed suit against Louisiana Green Products and Building Materials and Pete Snyder in the 22nd Judicial District Court.

The Dicharrys allegedly hired the defendants to make repairs on two separate properties. They claim that they hired defendant Pete Snyder and his company, Louisiana Green Products and Building Material, after the defendants presented themselves as “qualified and knowledgeable builders” with a “good and workmanlike manner.” The plaintiffs also claim that the defendants represented themselves as licensed mold remediation specialists, however, the plaintiffs now argue that the defendants are not even licensed Louisiana contractors.

The plaintiffs contend that they paid Snyder approximately $66,722.96 to cover the repair costs for their property in New Orleans, and $18,230.00 for their Covington home. They contend that, in addition to overcharging for their services, the defendants breached the agreed upon contract multiple times. The plaintiffs accuse the defendants of leaving behind trash, fingerprints and paint splatters, and uprooting their front garden without properly replacing it. According to the Dicharrys, the defendants also failed to complete multiple tasks such as carpet installation, countertop installation, wood floor installation, driveway repairs, mold prevention and more. The plaintiffs further claim that several of the defendants’ employees stole from their Covington residence.

The plaintiffs claim that despite their attempts to amicably resolve the issue, the defendants have not made proper compensation for the damages that they allegedly caused.

The defendants are accused of breach of contract and negligence.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought by the plaintiff for damages to be determined at a trial on the merits, including loss of use and enjoyment of property, repair sums, depreciation in property value, overcharges, inconvenience and mental anguish, as well as legal interest, attorneys’ fees, cost of proceedings and general and equitable relief.

The plaintiff is represented by Rykert C. Toledano Jr. and Melanie Comeaux Donahue of Covington-based Toledano and Herrin LLC.

The case has been assigned to Division D Judge Peter J. Garcia.

Case no. 2014-1218.

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