NEW ORLEANS – Two construction workers claim they were mistreated and racially harassed by their employer, supervisor and coworkers.

Alan P. Mercadel and Willie J. Watson filed suit against Drury Southwest Inc, Emplyus LTD, Checky Doe, Adrian Doe and Tom Selsor in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on June 12.

Both of the plaintiffs are black and claim their skin color was the cause for their mistreatment.

Mercadel and Watson allege their non-black co-workers were afforded access to cold drinking water while they were not. The plaintiffs also claim the defendants addressed them using derogatory or demeaning terms. Mercadel and Watson contend that when they filed a complaint for the actions to defendant Tom Selsor, he was unwilling to address the complaint. The plaintiffs also allege that on one occasion two defendant coworkers tied a noose to display on the work site that made the plaintiffs feel threatened.

The defendants are accused of intentional discrimination in employment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The plaintiffs are seeking an unknown amount in damages for violation of their rights as employees, emotional distress, humiliation, injury to personal and professional reputation and attorney’s fees.

Alan Mercadel and Willie Watson are represented by attorney Julien F. Jurgens from Metairie.

The case has been assigned to Division L Judge Kern A. Reese, Chief Judge.

Case no. 2014-05819.

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