NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans developer is suing a construction corporation for allegedly trespassing upon its property and profiting from the land’s use.

217 South Rendon LLC filed suit against FHP Tectonics Corporation in the New Orleans Parish Central District Court on June 27.

217 South Rendon claims that FHP Tectonics is knowingly and illegally trespassing and occupying a portion of property located at the intersection of South Rendon Street and Cleveland Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana. 217 South Rendon asserts that it is the owner of the property.

On Jan. 2 and May 5, South Rendon notified FHP Tectonics that it objected to FHP's use of the premises, says the suit. South Rendon contends that FHP Tectonics has failed to remove its materials and equipment from the property owned by the plaintiff.

The plaintiff alleges that FHP Tectonics is generating profits through the use of 217 South Rendon's land. South Rendon further claims that FHP Tectonics has definitive knowledge of its trespassing, and is therefore acting in bad faith.

South Rendon asserts that construction on the premises has been delayed as a direct result of FHP Tectonics' unsanctioned use of the plaintiff's plot.

The defendant is accused of unlawful and malicious trespass upon 217 South Rendon's property.

The plaintiff seeks an unknown amount in damages to include injunctive relief against FHP Tectonics prohibiting it from continued unauthorized use of the premises and requiring FHP to remove any and all of its equipment and property from the plaintiff's land. 217 South Rendon is also seeking bad faith damages, to include a full disgorgement of any and all profits generated by FHP Tectonics as a result of the trespass.

The plaintiff is also pursuing reparations for the defendant's unlawful use, entry, disturbance of and damage to 217 South Rendon's property rights including delay damages, attorney's fees and costs.

217 South Rendon LLC is represented by attorney Carl A. Butler.

The case has been assigned to District M Judge Paulette R. Irons.

Case no. 2014-06359.

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