NEW ORLEANS – A doctor and hospital are being sued for allegedly paralyzing a patient during surgery.

Lucille Ogden filed suit against Dr. Gabriel Tender in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on July 30.

Ogden claims on Dec. 7, 2010, she was admitted to Touro Hospital for back surgery administered by Tender. During the surgery, Tender allegedly tore the dura covering on her spinal cord and then proceeded to repair it. However, the plaintiff claims the pressure and pain in her spine increased post-surgery. Despite these intense spikes in pain, Tender allegedly delayed 11 hours before ordering a MRI, which later revealed bleeding and dangerously high pressures in Ogden’s spine.

The plaintiff contends the delay in diagnosing her condition has left her with paralysis in both her legs. The delay and other actions were allegedly blatant breaches of the standard of care administered by Tender.

The plaintiff is represented by Todd R. Slack of Huber, Slack, Houghtaling, Pandit & Thomas LLP.

The case has been assigned to Div. N Judge Ethel S. Julien.

Case no. 2014-07527.

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