GRETNA – A health clinic is being sued by a man who claims he had to get extensive hand surgery after they failed to find a piece of glass that was embedded in his hand after he ran over a bottle with a lawnmower.

Darryl Rhea filed suit against Industrial Medicine Specialist and their insurer in the 24th Judicial District Court on July 31.

Rhea asserts that on June 13, 2013 he visited Industrial Medicine Specialist with an injury to his right hand that was caused when he struck a glass bottle with a lawnmower and piece of glass flew into his hand.

The plaintiff alleges that he told medical staff upon his arrival that he felt like glass was stuck in his hand, but they told him that there was no glass found.

Rhea claims that is was not until July and after several consults with medical staff at Industrial Medicine Specialist that it was discovered a piece of glass was sticking in a bone in his hand that had to be removed via surgery.

The plaintiff contends would not have been subjected to extensive damage to his hand had the defendants found the glass embedded in his hand initially.

The defendant is accused of medical malpractice.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for damages.

Rhea is represented by Michael J. Hall of the New Orleans-based Law Office of Michael J. Hall.

The case has been assigned to Division B Judge Cornelius E. Regan.

Case no. 740-834.

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