Radio station sued for medical complications allegedly caused by mold-infested building

By Max Schramel | Oct 17, 2014

NEW ORLEANS – A radio station and the owner of the building where it is located are being sued by a woman who claims fell ill during 2013 due to a failure to keep the building sanitized, which resulted in her exposure to toxic mold.

Samantha Beaulieu filed suit against Bakewell Media Louisiana LLC and WBOK in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Aug. 25.

Samantha Beaulieu claims in 2013, while working at a building located at 1639 Gentilly Boulevard in New Orleans, she came in contact with lingering fungi, later recognized as mold. Bakewell owned the building during this time and subsequent deterioration of the building is believed to be the cause of illness and bodily complications sustained by Beaulieu.

The petitioner contends she suffered serious medical complications as a result of the incident.

The defendant is accused of failing to maintain their property, exercise proper concern to personnel or patrons within their property, examine any hazardous conditions within their property and handle dangerous conditions with prudent care.

The plaintiff is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for pain and suffering, mental agony, public embarrassment and humiliation, medical expenses and loss of wages.

The plaintiff is represented by John H. Denenea Jr. and Brian G. Shearman of Shearman~Denenea LLC.

The case has been assigned to Div. H Pro Tempore Judge Lynn Luker.

Case no. 2014-08387.

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