NEW ORLEANS – A woman claims she and her now deceased husband owned a property for more than 30 years without issue, but are now enmeshed in a dispute over the construction of a fence by their neighbor that allegedly limits access to their property.

Rita Conner Weatherly filed suit against Paul J. Sanchez, Rachelle Moore Sanchez, Connie Lee Kyle and Sonia Maria Tetlow in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Sept. 25.

Weatherly states the defendants allegedly claim they own property located at 2239-41 Bayou Road in New Orleans. This property claim however is in question, as the petitioner argues that her deceased husband, Ernest B. Weatherly III, allegedly purchased this stretch of land on Jan. 31, 1977 before the couple was married on Jan. 17, 1981. The plaintiff purportedly frequently used Lot B, Square 1189, Third District in order to use N. Tonti Street as an entranceway for their vehicle.

The plaintiff insists that she and her husband required access to their neighbor's lot as it contains their whole backyard. The plaintiff claims proof of ownership is shown through Orleans Parish conveyance records. This dispute, stemming from the petitioner’s property claim, is over the defendants' actions in building a wooden fence across their lot.

The plaintiff is represented by attorney John Y. Kennedy of John Y. Kennedy P.L.C.

The case has been assigned to Div. J Judge Paula A. Brown.

Case no. 2014-09399.

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