NEW ORLEANS – A man has filed a lawsuit against his former employer seeking $750,000 over his alleged wrongful termination.

John Pinholster filed suit against PosiGen of Louisiana LLC in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Nov. 17.

The suit claims that Pinholster began employment with PosiGen of Louisiana LLC (PLA) on Nov. 21, 2012. As part of the agreement, PLA allegedly notified financial institutions and other various third parties in the Greater New Orleans Area that Pinholster was assigned to the PosiGen team. The petitioner claims he was hired as chief operating officer at PosiGen at the Metairie office.

On Oct. 7, 2014, PLA terminated its contract with the plaintiff, allegedly promising to pay Pinholster for his past two months of service, including insurance and $37,500 guaranteed from his past year bonus. However, the petitioner claims he was not fully reimbursed from his original contract in November 2012.

On Oct. 15, 2014, PLA purportedly sent via certified mail a release and confidentiality agreement to the petitioner advising him that his employment with PosiGen ended on Oct. 6, 2014. PLA then proceeded to allegedly send the plaintiff a check containing his final two-day pay, $3,918.21, along with the bonus.

The plaintiff contends he has not been fully compensated based on his contract with PosiGen of Louisiana and as such is entitled to $753,459 along with any leftover vacation pay and proceeds from third quarter earnings in 2014.

The plaintiff is represented by Leonard A. Davis of Herman, Herman & Katz LLC.

The case has been assigned to Div. D Judge Nakisha Ervin-Knott.

Case no. 2014-11063.

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