NEW ORLEANS – A couple claims a major contractor company allegedly failed to complete a punch list constituting breach of contract.

John Crews and Marie Crews filed suit against PAR Contractors Inc. in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Nov. 20, 2014.

In July 2012, the petitioners claim they entered into a contractual agreement with PAR, which encompassed, “construction of their residential home on a lot on Bellaire Drive in New Orleans.” The agreement allegedly included a punch list, a contract in which a set of construction requirements must be met for the general contractor to receive payment.

Several weeks went by in which the defendant allegedly did not complete the agreed upon tasks on the punch list. As a result, according to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs decided to fix what was in their power.

“Petitioners began to repair and remedy those issues for which they were capable of repairing themselves,” the filing states.

However, the plaintiffs still required a contractor to install an interior stairway railing as well as a new hand railing and major problems continued in negotiations with PAR with the back porch and deck becoming unlevel.

“[S]ome work was performed by Defendant to address the deck. However, the repairs were not completed and the issue was not remedied,” the filing states.

The plaintiffs contend their contractual agreement with PAR, including the punch list, constitutes a breach of contract, as the general contractor allegedly did not meet their constructional obligations agreed upon in the punch list.

The petitioners are represented by Marc L. Frischhertz of Frischhertz, Poulliard, Frischhertz & Impastato LLC.

The case has been assigned to Div. A Judge Tiffany G. Chase.

Case no. 2014-11138.

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